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Hi, welcome to www.realicozy.com. I wish this site could connect every one who loves to make home a cozy place to stay, a solace for the restless sojourn.


As a child, my best moment was waiting for my father to come from his business trip. He was a civil engineer for water transportation. His business trip was always near the deep waters. Every time he brought along with him unique souvenirs bearing the uniqueness of the places he visited. I was always amazed by these souvenirs overflowing with rich elements in different colors, shapes, and patterns. As time passed by, our home was full of those unique collections, evident of my dad’s footprints all over the world. At that time, the world was flat and my home was simply a place reminding us of the past. I like the scent of nostalgia at home- reminiscences of carefree childhood.

Later, I went to college, got married, and had kids…like anyone else in this world tried to fight a spot for myself. Life is tough

and the only place where I can find tranquility is home. My inspiration level way up when I am completely imbued with the cozy environment home which reflects my personality. The wooden incense holder from India, sandalwood carving from Thailand, and artistic lighting from Scandinavia … all these enthralling craftsmanship presents colorful life sparkling with wisdom.

Sipping green tea with elegant chinaware, the hand-made wooden tray makes the right companion around…paint frames arrayed on the wall to record precious time in life… this is the life I like


Realicozy Connects Us!

Today we are exposed to virtual technology. We can easily access tremendous commodities and ideas. We are provided with tons of guidance and advice, almost everything. Drowned by the overwhelming information, we understand the frustration and perplexion. Realicozy would present you with unique and trendy home furnishing products and inspire you to come up with new ideas for creating cozy vibes home.


From my own experiences, struggling between a budgeted makeover and splurge on designers’ masterpieces is a tough decision. Please rest assured that you will always find the right products and ideas to make things up. Money doesn’t mean class. You are your own designer because you are living in your own home instead of others’ showroom. And our site would present solutions for you to choose from.

All the best

                                                                                                                                                               — Quincy Qu

                                                                                                                                                                   Founder of the Realicozy

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