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Accent with Beauty: Unique & Trendy Rugs for This Fall & Winter Season

Winter has arrived, and what better time to remodel the house and give it a genuine “homey” feel for family get-togethers than now? Before the stingy winter chills, give everyone the sniffles, make the nest cozier. Adopting the art to make every experience with your loved ones in your house a vibrant, lovely memory is one method to accomplish it. Adding warm home components like thick wool rugs may quickly give uninteresting rooms a totally new vibe, and you can simply hype up your house by making minor adjustments. A rug anchors the space, links all elements, from the furniture and color scheme to the flooring and wallpaper, and completes the appearance.

When it comes to adding rugs to your home’s interior design, sometimes the tiny touches add far more to the larger image than you may expect. Area rugs bring personality and color to a space and help define the overall design of your house. They can set the tone for any given space and tie a decorating theme together, whether you need to freshen up your living room or decorate a property you’ve recently moved into.

Trying to balance design aspects in your house may be difficult at times, especially if you’re combining old furniture with new additions. That’s why we recommend shopping for a nice area rug to provide the finishing touch that will tie the whole design together. Learn more about how to improve your house with unique & trendy rugs for this fall & winter season.

Leather Rugs: A Long-Lasting & Colorful Confetti

Leather rugs or carpets appear to be a jumble of brightly colored confetti. The rags are constructed out of beautiful scraps and have a bohemian feel to them. Leather cowhide carpets are a statement item for tiny rooms and are also called “Chindis.” These are fashioned from scraps of leather and other materials that may have multi-colored strips in a unique but not overpowering pattern.

Material & Weave: Artisans may mix leather, cotton, or other synthetic materials in certain leather rugs for a delicate feel and natural ambiance. This material is long-lasting and is a good choice if you don’t have much time to replace old carpets. To extend the life of your leather rug, you’ll still need to place a rug pad below it. The pile height of most leather rugs is less than 0.25 inches. However, 0.5 and 0.25-inch pile rugs are easily accessible. Leather rugs, including runners or no-slip rug pads, are available in various forms and sizes.

Style: Grey, dark brown, beige, or a mix of these hues are popular leather rug colors. Patchwork quilt rugs in vibrant colors are handwoven in various leather designs. Tangerine, blue, crimson, and silver are just a few colors that may be dyed into solid color carpets. These can be machine-made, hand-crafted, or hand-tufted to match your furniture. Make sure the rug is in a low-to-moderate usage area but adjacent to a leather couch or chair to create the illusion of matching (or slightly mismatched) set.

Care: Vacuum the rug frequently with a brush attachment and keep it out of direct sunlight.

  • Every year to 18 months, get your leather rug professionally cleaned. Between professional cleanings, shake off area rugs to remove dust and dirt.
  • To avoid wear and tear, rotate your rug every few months and avoid placing it under heavy furniture.
  • If you use over-the-counter chemical cleaners on real leather, it will stain readily. Spot clean using eco-friendly cleaning products.
  • Don’t use too many foam sprays, and gently blot stains. Apply a little quantity of cleaning to the stain until it disappears, then wipe away the residue with a clean white cloth.

Best For In humid or damp regions, avoid using leather area rugs. Leather rugs are ideally suited for low-traffic areas such as bedrooms, dens, or offices. However, some are suitable for moderately used living rooms.

Weave & Wander :Canady Wolf Gray/Rust Leather Area Rug

  • Made of Viscose/Leather
  • Hand Made in India
  • Bold geometric patterns created in palettes of gray, brown and ivory
  • Professional cleaning recommended
  • Delivers visual appeal and textural interest
  • Size: 5ft x 8ft
  • Color & Pattern: Candy, Wolf Gray, and Rust in Geometrics

Wool Tufted Area Rug: A Piece of Art

A tufted rug is generally of considerably more excellent quality. They are one-of-a-kind pieces of art, but they are considerably closer than other weaves since they are made by a weaver rather than a weaving or looming machine, and they don’t require a human to direct the design or thread.

Tufted area rugs are sometimes confused with hand-knotted rugs but are different. Depending on the maker and materials used, they are frequently constructed of wool and may last up to 20 years. Hand-tufted carpets are produced with a tool called a tufting gun rather than on a loom. A tufting gun may be used to cut additional designs into the rug.

Material & Weave: Knots are not used in the making of tufted rugs. Instead, a machine or a hand-held instrument is used to draw yarn loops through the rug’s backing material. The loops are then sheared to provide a cut-pile surface with a smooth finish. Even the highest-quality tufted rugs may be made very fast and inexpensive. The procedure starts with a weaver creating a pattern on a background. A textile worker or weaver uses the tufting gun to inject yarn or cotton into it. After all of the yarn or other materials have been injected into the design, a scrim is applied to the rug with latex adhesive to keep the fibers together. The carpet loops are then sheared by the weaver, making the rug flat and appropriate for foot usage.

Style: Hand-tufted rugs may be used as an accent element on hardwood floors. Consider whether your rug will be placed in a high-traffic location. Your rug’s lifespan may be shortened if it is placed in a busy corridor doorway. Hand-tufted carpets may be used to decorate beneath couches, chairs, and even dining room tables.

Care: To remove all dirt and dust, vacuum your hand-tufted carpets at least once a week. Vacuum the rug every day or until the additional fibers are gone if you want to get rid of them.

  • Rotate the rug on a regular basis to keep the amount of sunshine and foot traffic at bay.
  • Hand-tufted rugs should not be shaken or beaten since the fibers will be damaged.
  • If a stain appears on the rug, scrape it as quickly as possible and vacuum the residue.
  • To remove damp spots, use a cloth and lukewarm water. Repeat the process of dampening the stain and soaking up the water until the stain is gone. Use as little water as possible to avoid loosening the glue that holds the yarn together, and don’t massage the stain.

Best For: Large tufted rugs may work well in lofts or other areas with an industrial feel. A tiny, “fluffy” tufted rug in a bathroom might be added to the vanity or dressing area.

 Giuseppina Tribal Bohemian Area Rug

  • 100% wool, hand-made tufted
  • High pile 0.65in. in thickness
  • Geometric prints, boasting crisp and clean lines
  • Canvas backing prevents it from moving
  • Minimalist elegance complements your home style
  • Dimension:9′ x 6 ‘/ 4’x6’/5’x.8’/7’6″ x 9’6″

Shag Rugs: A Smooth & Shiny Feel

Shag rugs are a type of carpeting that appears to be very textured and unkempt. They may appear frizzy, but they are also extremely lovely. These are a kind of rugs with an irregular pile that gives them a crowded and rough appearance. The diversity of odd materials utilized in these carpets is what effectively gives them a distinctive look. In addition, the pile is thicker, which makes them both unusual and unique. The ability of these rugs to be so smooth and satiny may be their trump card.

Material & Weave: The material used to manufacture shags is what distinguishes them from other carpets. Wool, leather polyester, fake fur, acrylic, and even polypropylene are available in these soft and comfy carpets. Each rug made of various materials has its own particular character. As a result, each rug has its own distinct feel.

Style: To make your space appear larger, use light-toned Shag area Rugs, but if you want to make a huge room feel comfortable and inviting, dark, brilliant hues may be the ideal choice. You may also look at the many different forms that these carpets come in. Round shaggy carpets should be placed in the center of the room to draw attention to it or in the corner to make any space appear larger. Shag carpets are a popular choice for Scandinavian-inspired homes that emphasize coziness and warmth. This unusual runner gives a striking yet narrow choice for corridors, bedsides, and other areas where you wish to enjoy a luxuriously comfy accent.

Care: These carpets may be less expensive than other popular rugs; nevertheless, the money saved during the purchase may be taxed throughout the cleaning procedure.

  • Shag Rugs are tough to wash or clean because of the lengthy fiber strands and thick pile. They require a lot of upkeep since dirt particles can get stuck between the fibers and be difficult to remove.
  • In addition, if any stains or spills occur, the cleaning task might be doubled, as eliminating stains from lengthy fibers is fairly difficult. Washing and cleaning these carpets properly at home may not be a good idea. So hire cleaning businesses or send it for dry cleaning.

Best For: These carpets are also available in a variety of sizes. Larger shag area rugs are preferable for larger spaces, while smaller rugs are excellent for smaller rooms and make your space more trendy.

SAFAVIEH Hudson Shag Area Shug

  • Plush and dense pile perfect for living and bedroom décor
  • Polypropylene (100%), power loomed in Turkey
  • Available in multiple sizes and/or colors
  • Suggest using rug protectors under the legs of heavy furniture to avoid flattening piles
  • Color:Ivory/Gray
  • Size: multiple sizes in rectangle and round

Scandinavian Rugs: A Nordic Look for Your Home

These are antique and the most beautiful rugs ever. 1970s Scandinavian home design trends inspire the Scandinavian rugs. It is kind of a vintage throwback with a stylish Nordic appeal. The pile is trimmed to a casual shag length for exquisite comfort underfoot, just like traditional Scandinavian “rya” rug in old times. These pattern carpets are composed of 100% polyester and have a silky shine to them.

Material & Weave: Wool is a tough material with a texture that allows it to bounce back rapidly after being crushed by steps or furniture. That’s why Scandinavian rugs are made up of wool. It has a built-in resistance to stains and dirt. In fact, it possesses a stain resistance of almost 30% higher than even the best synthetic fibers. This rug is also composed of cotton, a flexible natural material extensively used across the world. Because they are handwoven carpets, there may be variations in form, thickness, design, and size.

Style:  Scandinavian flatwoven area rugs are light, resilient, and simple to handle – and they’re great for layering, which has become a popular trend in hygge-centric Scandinavian themes. At the present moment, environmental protection is one of the most pressing issues of the public. As a result, while purchasing a high-quality carpet, you can select an environmentally friendly material. This natural resistance also prolongs the carpet’s appearance of newness and freshness. This show-stopper is a valuable statement piece for both comfy and quiet places.

Care: They are simple to maintain and can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.

  • Use a wet towel and lukewarm water to remove damp areas. Repeat the dampening and soaking up the water process until the stain is gone. To prevent loosening the glue that binds the yarn together, use as little water as possible and don’t rub the stain.
  • It can be dry cleaned also.

Best For: This reversible rug is perfect for usage in living rooms, bedrooms, or any place, owing to its dimensions.

Arguto Wool Carpet

  • The Arguto wollen rug, from the Danish Linie Design, is hand-tufted with a stylish yet vivid pattern of geometric forms in sober color tones
  • Dimension: 170x240cm
  • Incredibly soft and comfort
  • Ideal for the living room, bedrom
  • Multi colors

I hope you found this piece interesting. It will surely help you to find a unique and trendy rug for your home this winter. Regardless of the sort of rug you choose, we’re here to assist you in making the best selection possible. If you still have questions, contact us now, and we’ll be happy to assist you in finding the ideal rug for your requirements! We hope to serve you soon, and in the meantime, enjoy decorating!

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