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How to Make Scented Candles Last Longer: Tips and Tricks

July 15, 2021

If you want to extend the life of your scented or decorative candles, here are some tips and tricks to make your candles last longer.

Aromatic or decorative candles are one of the most used elements when it comes to beautifying spaces. And is that the magical light they emit achieves a perfect atmosphere to relax during the bath, while meditating, at a romantic dinner, or to illuminate places on special occasions.

Even in some not so romantic situations, they can help us, for example, when there is an electrical blackout or power outage. In any case, if you usually use candles, you will know that their useful life is quite short and it is necessary to replace them regularly. Pay attention to these recommendations to make your scented candles last longer.

Tips to make lit candles last longer. Here are some tricks to make your candles last longer:


One of the best tricks to make lit candles last longer is to soak them in saltwater for a few hours before lighting them. This way, you will prevent the candle from melting so quickly and, therefore, you will see that it does not drip as much wax as usual.

Just soak the candle for a couple of hours in a solution of cold water and salt to check the results, you will see that it works. Add some cold water to a container and add a handful of coarse salt.

This method is quite effective because you will get that the wax of the candle has a greater resistance to heat. In this way, the decorative candles will burn more slowly and will keep their original shape, remaining lit longer than they usually take.

Salt for decorative candles

As we said before, salt offers heat resistance, so this trick will make your scented candles last much longer. So, to maximize its duration, our recommendation is to sprinkle salt around the flame of lit candles or place a handful at the bottom of the candle before lighting the wick.

This trick is perfect, above all, for candles and other types of large and wide candles that are usually placed, for example, inside lamps. But in case you choose to perform this trick, be careful with flammable objects around the candle.

You must take into account that the salt in contact with the fire will create small crystals that can cause small sparks, which can jump and burn the objects that you have near it. Therefore, it is best to remove anything that is too close to the lit candles, especially anything that is prone to burn easily.

Put them in the refrigerator

If you want your decorative candles to burn longer, we recommend placing them in the refrigerator a few hours before lighting them. In this way, you will help to avoid humidity and increase their lifespan.

In addition, keeping your candles cool, especially if they are scented candles, will help them retain the fragrance they give off, while their flame will last longer. To do this, you only have to put it for about two hours in the freezer or refrigerator. 

Thus, when you proceed to light them, they will burn at a much slower rate than usual. As you can see, this simple trick will allow you to extend the life of your decorative candles with little effort.

Nail polish

Another great trick that can help you extend the life of your candles is nail polish. To test its effect, all you have to do before lighting the candle is to apply a thin layer of clear nail polish all over its surface.

Let it dry before lighting the wick, then light it carefully. This procedure will make the wax more resistant to heat, thus making lit candles take much longer to melt completely.

Candles must be clean

Undoubtedly, clean candles will take longer than usual to burn out. This is because the dirt that accumulates on your scented candles will make them burn faster and their wear and tear when you light them will be much more evident. Therefore, this dirt accelerates the combustion process of the candle and will make it burn much faster.

For this reason, it is essential that you keep the decorative candles clean, without any traces of dust or dirt. Make sure they are clean by wiping them with a wet cloth once or twice a week, so that they are always in good condition and, when lit, they will burn more slowly. You can also do this before lighting them to ensure that they are free of debris.

Other tricks

Finally, a great trick to make a candle last much longer is to cut the wick about two and a half centimetres or so. With this act, you will avoid that the lit candles being consumed in an accelerated way, in addition to achieving that there is not an excess of smoke when the candles are lit. On the other hand, it is also advisable to cut the burnt tip of the candle before relighting it.

Any of these tricks will help you to prevent your scented candles from burning out too quickly because especially those made with essential oils are too expensive to let them burn out in a few hours. Don’t wait any longer to try these tricks, you’ll see how well they work!

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