Who doesn’t like to lie down on the sofa to watch a movie, read, have a snack, chat or take a nap?

Functionally, this piece of furniture serves for relaxation, recreation, and socializing. And if we look at it from a decorative point of view, it is the centerpiece of the entire living room.

The other day we saw some combinations, colors, and designs of cushions for a dark blue sofa, and seeing its success, I wanted to prepare another batch of combinations, but this time, for a red sofa.

And is that a red sofa is obviously not like a gray, white or black sofa, which is neutral and is easier to combine. And, although it is not that it is mission impossible, combining throw pillows in a red sofa is something more complex, not just any cushion.

So, if you have a red sofa, take note that I have prepared 10 combinations of pillows in 10 different proposals. They are not risky combinations, but on the contrary, safe. You can create many, many more, but these that you will see below are a safe bet. Let’s get to it.


Safe and successful this combination of cushions on a red sofa: All gray. Gray gets along great with all other colors, but it seems to have a special relationship with red. You can use pillows in any shade of gray, which will match the red sofa. These we see are linen, from Amazon and you can see more details or buy them here.


Combination of cushions on a red sofa. You can add a strong contrast using yellow, either mustard, beige, vanilla, or any other shade of yellow more or less powerful in the cushions. And combine them with blue striped ones to add a cool color in this warm combination.


All yellow cushions, no matter how yellow they are, will go with a red sofa. The result is an explosion of color, but if you like it and it fits your style and home, you can add these cushions with no problem.


Pink and navy blue cushions are also a safe bet. They are colors that fit together. If all navy blue seems too intense, add a striped cushion or a navy blue pattern that is not as powerful as a plain navy blue cushion, like the cross cushion we see above these lines.

As for pink, it comes from red, so it will always go well together, and with navy blue cushions, it also goes well, as you can see in the red sofa above these lines.


All red cushions. This is a totally safe bet. Also, if you put them in the same tone as the sofa, you will make the sofa acquire more presence, more volume, and body.


You can also combine black and gray cushions in any scale of grays and blacks that will work on the red sofa. It is one of the most elegant and sober combinations.


If plain black cushions seem too much, try striped or patterned black cushions that are more subtle and work well together. Then add some in plain gray to create harmony and balance, and you’ll have a well-matched sofa.

A CLASSIC Combination

You can also use another combination of cushions to decorate your red sofa that works very well is gray and yellow cushions. Whether they are put on a red, blue, or any other color sofa, gray and yellow go very well together.


Add a dramatic print and pair it with a soft gray to soften the contrast. It’s a slightly riskier bet to combine with a red sofa but equally successful. If you like them, you can find these prints at Kave Home.


In light gray, which always works well, and a dose of color, in this case, yellow and blue striped, again in the Fall cushion. Colors that go very well with red. It’s a sober mix but with a pop of color.

As you can see, using cushions in colors that combine with red, you will surely succeed to decorate the sofa, so I advise you, if you did not like any of these proposals, take a look at this article, where I tell you the colors that combine with red.

There you can see other colors that you can apply in cushions on your red sofa. If you have any questions or suggestions, leave a comment, and I will be happy to answer you.

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