Fall Scented Candles – Best Scents for Aromatherapy

September 28, 2021

Fall is one of those exciting festive seasons that can be overwhelming to the senses like sight, taste, and smell. And, because the smell is the most powerful of all the senses, it’s difficult to live our best autumn lives while surrounded by a cloud of overpowering aromas. Scent can evoke emotions and memories in people. As these effects the part of our brain that processes smell. Not just that, they can even influence how we think and feel about a person or location. It is something that instantly transports you to a different place or time in your life. Scented candles are the best options to experience those aromas in your home.

Candle scents are helpful in aromatherapy to relax and improve mood. These aromatherapy candles have a unique ability to transform mental health, and it isn’t just in our heads. Studies suggest that aromatherapy promotes health and well-being, can effectively relieve depression symptoms, improve sleep quality, and lower overall stress levels.

Here are some of the reputable scented candles that will improve your mood and relieve stress.

Fruity: Happy

Fruity scented candles have a sweet and innocent flavor that reminds you of sugar sweets and everyday happiness. It’s pleasant and aromatic, yet it’s such a prevalent smell that it’s nearly indistinguishable. It is a wonderful candle scent to use in your home regularly. It will allow a more charming and extremely inviting environment in your home. Raspberries, strawberries, and fresh linen are some of the smells you could enjoy.

Our RecommendationKerzon: Figue Tropicale Candle

Kerzon: Figue Tropicale Candle

This French-made fragrance is seeping in through a perfect, generous fig note in the heart of a Mediterranean orchard. Kerzon’s Tropical Fig Candle diffuses a sweet, warm fragrance with a green head and a fruity, floral heart over a powdery base that elicits sun-dried hay.

Kerzon – Figue Tropicale Candle | eBay

Citrus: Energize

Citrus is best recognized for boosting alertness and energy, but it may also help you relax after a long day. For instance, lemon has also been combined with other smells to provide a touch of brightness. It also helps to balance off some of the more rich or sweet scents. If you’re unsure which aromatherapy candle scents to use? Then I suggest using citrus as it fits every situation. These smells might help you forget about the summer heat by refreshing the air.

Our Recommendation Yankee: Meyer Lemon Candle

Yankee: Meyer Lemon Candle

Meyer Lemon provides a bright and sunny citrus scent and creates a warm, inviting atmosphere that only the delicate fragrances of Yankee Candle® can produce. The exquisite aroma lingers long after the flame has been snuffed out.

Yankee Candle Large Jar Candle 110-150 hrs 22 oz MEYER LEMON yellow fruit | eBay

Floral: Calm

Try infusing your night ritual with floral scented candles like rose, jasmine, etc. (remember to blow out the candle before falling asleep!). When you sleep in rooms perfumed with floral scents, you will become anxious less during sleep. According to research presented at the Eastern Psychological Association Conference in 2011, aromatherapy candles lower anxiety and help you sleep better. During fall, these floral scented candles are a fantastic choice. So much so that they might be an excellent replacement for fresh flower arrangements if you like them. These are gentle, soothing, romantic, and mind-calming. These are also perfect for occasions like weddings and anniversaries.

Our Recommendation- Boy Smell Candle: Pride Mini Votive Set

Boy Smell Candle: PRIDE Mini Votive Set


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  • LES
Boy Smells PRIDE Mini Votive Set – SOLD OUT – New in Packaging & Sealed | eBay

Fresh: Focused

While fresh scents are commonly linked with helping in being active and energetic—they can also help you focus if you’re suffering from nervous jitters and a hyperactive mind. The soothing qualities of lavender, basil, etc., will assist in relieving tension, enabling you to clear your mind and focus on the daily routines. Herbal, citrus, and clean fragrances are also included among the fresh candle scents. They’ll make you feel energized and revitalized. These fragrances might help to create a positive and refreshing atmosphere. Bedrooms, baths, dressing rooms, and walk-in closets all benefit from the use of fresh candles.

Our Recommendation- Jo Malone’s Sweet Almond & Macaron Candle

Jo Malone’s Sweet Almond & Macaron Candle

The Sweet Almond & Macaroon scented candle from Jo Malone London combines delectable macaroon with a comforting confection of sweet almond and creamy coconut. Rich with cherries, It is softened by vanilla.

Jo Malone Scented Candle HEIGHT 2.48″ – (CHOOSE SCENTS) – NWOB | eBay

Woody: Relaxed

Woody fragrances are one of the most popular candle smells. These include some of the ancient fragrances like sandalwood, cedarwood, etc. It makes you feel relaxed and gives you a fragrance feel of what you’d smell while you’re outside. These fall scented candles will make you feel grounded and at ease. These welcoming and pleasant fragrances are ideal for enhancing a romantic meal or evening, as well as cuddling up with a nice book. Please put it on your bedside, tables, or anywhere else, and enjoy the magic!

Our Recommendation- P.F. Candle Co:  Sandalwood Rose Candle

P.F.Candle Co: Sandalwood Roose Candle

This candle is hand-poured into apothecary-inspired amber jars with a signature kraft label and a brass lid. Even a mini size 3.5 oz doesn’t compromise its aromatherapeutic effect. They are omnipresent once lighted.

P.F. Candle Co. Mini 3.5 oz Soy Jar Candle No.32 Sandalwood Rose | eBay

Earthy: Positive

If you don’t have a lawn to walk on, burn a candle to obtain that “freshly-cut grass” fragrance. These earthy candle scents have been discovered to affect the brain region responsible for emotion and memory directly. Hence, it can help to reduce stress and have positive thoughts. Lower blood pressure, reduced forgetfulness, and a better immune system benefit from these scented candles. The scent of earth transports you to a pleasant day on a beautiful garden or beach, and what could be more soothing than that?

Our Recommendation- Febreze Home Collection: Meadow wildflower Candle

Febreze Home Collection: Meadow Wildflower Candle

This candle’s aroma is airy and floral with undertones of refreshing pine. Fresh Meadow Wildflower brings the Febreze freshness you know into the pleasing glow of a candle to create a welcoming atmosphere.

  • Top Notes: wildflower blossoms, violet, pink jasmine
  • Middle Notes: cedarwood, vanilla orchid
  • Base Notes: vanilla, amber, pine needles

Exotic: Perky

Exotic fragrances are inviting and calming. These smells evoke feelings of luxury and comfort. Exotic fall scented candles frequently include vanilla, cinnamon, caramel, etc., linked with delicious meals. Aromatherapists recommend rosemary fragrance as a good Monday morning pick-up. It contains energizing qualities that help to relieve mental and physical weariness, as well as headaches. On those days when you can’t seem to get out of bed, try lighting a candle.

Our Recommendation- (Malin + Goetz) x Le Meridien Limited Edition LM002 Candle

(Malin + Goetz) x Le Meridien Limited Edition LM002 Candle

Inspired by the glamorous golden age of air travel, Le Méridien Hotels and MALIN+GOETZ take a flight back in time to 1969, summer on the French Riviera. Neroli blossoms and rich notes of black amber linger at Saint-Tropez while musk and sandalwood bark seduce the senses along La Croisette. Caviar lime and Provence cypress evoke an evening in Antibes, while fig, star jasmine, and freesia whisper à bientôt across the Mediterranean. LM002, now departing.

Sweet & Spicy: Frisky

While this spicy scent is a classic of fall holiday perfumes, we believe it should be used all year because of its numerous health benefits. For example, cinnamon has a warming and energizing impact while also being soothing. Combine it with vanilla to create a sweet cookie aroma, or use it to give a spicy note to some of the other possibilities on this list. Peppermint is an excellent alternative to citrus if you want an energetic yet relaxing aroma but don’t want a citrus flavor. This pleasant scent’s minty essence will softly energize you while also relieving stress.

Our RecommendationQualitas: Violet Scented Beeswax Candle

Qualitas: Violet Scented Beeswax Candle

A coveted and elusive fragrance, the scent of violet is traditionally difficult to distill. The petals of this vibrant purple flower and its heart-shaped scalloped leaves are used in healing tonics. Qualitas has infused a signature scented beeswax candle with the healing powers and rare delicacy of violet.

You will be losing out if you will never look into scented candles. Apart from the fact that they are helpful in aromatherapy, candles are also an excellent decorative piece. I hope you like our recommendations. Have a charismatic fall!

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