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Candle Fragrance Notes: All You Need To Know

October 26, 2021

The scent is a crucial sense; it is mainly linked to memory among the five human senses. It’s no wonder that the scent of a candle may have a big influence on your mood and energy levels. The majority of us are aware of our preferred scents. Perhaps you prefer light floral candle fragrance notes that remind you of dew-soaked petals, or maybe you find such smells too sweet and like a warm musk, such as vanilla.

However, after a candle is lighted, the smell notes will frequently vary depending on the type of wax used and the duration of the candle’s burn period. But when you’re looking for candles online, you might be thinking to yourself, “How am I meant to know whether I’m going to enjoy the way it smells?” It’s indeed a stab in the dark. But don’t worry. We’re going to break down basic candle terms so you know what to expect the next time you’re out shopping for a new smell.

Different Fragrance Families

Not all candles are made equal! There are numerous types of fragrances, each of which are grouped into a “family” category.

Within each family, there are numerous levels of categories and subcategories, making things rather complicated. Here are the four primary fragrance families, along with some scents you might know:

  1. Floral Family – Any aroma closely associated with a certain flower, such as rose, lilac, lavender, or sweet pea, belongs to the floral family.
  2. Wood Family – This family includes woody and musky scents such as amber, musk, leather, and vetiver.
  3. Oriental Family – Fragrances like vanilla, myrrh, sandalwood, and amber will infuse your room with rich or exotic scents.
  4. Fresh Family – Citrus, beach breeze, eucalyptus, and bergamot are among the bright and clean aromas found in the Fresh Family.

Candles that elicit a wide range of emotions and energy can be made by blending aroma ingredients from several families. Layering smells is an art form since a mixture of two perfume families may produce something beautiful and exhilarating.

For example- A sharp top note of citrus (bergamot and grapefruit) can be mixed with a warm base note of vanilla to produce an incredibly unique scent.

Fragrance Notes

The numerous phases of fragrances that arise when burning your candle are referred to as fragrance notes. The three phases of notes are a trait of different smells, which are as follows:

Top Notes (Head Notes)

The initial traces of scent that you discover with your sense of smell are known as top notes (also known as headnotes). These are typically recognized as “sharp” or “fresh” scents and are generally the initial impression of your candle. Citrus, bergamot, lemongrass, and herbal fragrances are examples of top notes.

Middle Notes (Heart Notes)

The “personality” of a candle’s smell is defined by the middle notes (also known as heart notes). After the quick top notes have faded, these smell notes will emerge. These notes will stay in the candle’s flame for as long as it burns, gently fading into the base notes. Middle notes, when combined with a top note, provide a complimentary aroma in a perfect candle. Cinnamon, lilac, rose, and lavender is good examples of middle notes.

Base Notes

Base notes are pretty stable and are usually the final aromas to reach our senses. Base notes emerge after the middle notes and are often the fragrances that stay and linger throughout a candle’s burn period. The majority of base notes are rich, sweet, or musky. They provide any perfume with its fundamental “roundness” – imagine vanilla, sandalwood, musk, or other earthy aromas.

Check out our favorite scented candle that will mesmerize you:

Diptyque Figuier Bougie Scented Candle

Notes: Slightly fruity with fresh woody & green notes

The Diptyque Figuier Candle is a real pleasure; the perfume is light and fresh without being overly feminine or dominating. The candle’s pleasant scent gives a touch of elegance and fragrance to the room, bringing the warmth and ambiance of the Mediterranean into the house. As it emits the freshness of the leaves, the warmth of the bark, and the milky sap of the fruit, the candle evokes emotions of being near a fig tree. The smells are enticing and aid in inducing sensations of peace and calm.

Carriere Freres Candle Orange Blossom Citrus

Notes: Floral with a waxy, somewhat sweet note

The Carriere Freres Scented Candle in Orange Blossom can help you create a positive atmosphere. This luxurious collection features a variety of single perfume notes that represent the late-19th-century botanical discoveries. This candle has a vibrant, fresh perfume. The citrus tree, or “Citrus Aurantium,” produces the orange bloom. The tree flaunts its white petals when it blooms, generating a subtle aroma associated with purity and beauty. These blooms graced bridal garlands and were both seductive and mysterious. It’s a breezy homage to femininity and lightness.

Cire Trudon Abd El Kader Classic Scented Candle


  • Top – Spearmint, Lemon, Black-currant, Apple, Ginger, Clove
  • Middle – Jasmine
  • Base – Vanilla

Fresh tobacco, spiced tea! The Cire Trudon Abd El Kader Candle pays homage to the Ouled Nal people, masters of music and dance. The heart of this scented candle is reminiscent of black tea with ginger, clove, silky blackcurrant, and apple. It’s like the desert’s cold night air that soothes both the mind and the body. It opens with an enticing green aroma of fresh mint.

Lumira Cuban Tobacco


  • Top notes – Cardamom, Clove, and Tangerine
  • Middle notes – Floral Notes
  • Base notes – Mahogany, Patchouli, Musk,Vanilla, and Tobacco

With its sorbet-colored buildings and shimmering heat, the fading beauty of Old Havana is the undeniable starting point for this sphinx-like smell. A bright opening moment is provided by cardamom and clove bud notes, which the tangerine tang enhances. It evolves into a rich tobacco note heightened by polished mahogany, evocative of classic tabaquerías. At the same time, earthy patchouli and musk suggest the city’s mysterious side.

Now you know everything about fragrances notes. So what are you waiting for? Get scented candles that suit your personality. Enjoy!

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